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Midlander Premium Boat Hoists are manufactured in Midland, MI and sold at dealers throughout the state.

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Midlander Pemium Boat Hoists Made in Michigan Vertical Cantiliver Pontoon Hoists


Mark Wilkens started L&M manufacturing in 1986. Mark was a pipe fitter that had been laid off and decided that he would build himself a boatlift with his newly found spare time. He completed his first hoist and was in the process of putting it in the water when his neighbor came over to see where Mark had gotten the new hoist, Mark told him he had made it himself. So impressed with the quality and the way it worked, the neighbor asked Mark to build him one. Mark accommodated him, word spread and next thing Mark knew he had orders for hoists and was in the hoist building business.


Eventually, Mark knew he needed a dealer network, so he hit the road and began partnering with Michigan boat dealers.


The relationships with dealers helped Mark grow Midlander's product line. Dealers would provide Mark with boat specs and design ideas. Mark would  take the information, order different materials and create new tooling and make the modifications and improvements to the hoists.


In the 1990's Midlander started to see significant growth and receive dealer inquiries further south in Michigan. Midlander had roughly 12 dealers at the time and they all were growing. Because of this success, Midlander became a household name in the Michigan boating community.

Today, Midlander is owned by two local Michigan residents and boat experts who continue to provide the Michigan Boating Community with quality boat hoists.

The Midlander hoist is still well-known today as a high quality, Michigan made product!

Midlander Pemium Boat Hoists Made in Michigan vertical si boat hoists pontoon hoists
Midlander Pemium Boat Hoists Made in Michigan
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